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July 2010


Amazing dental experience. No pain, no discomfort and great results. Thanks Dr Stan and TeamLiz Jennings
Los Angeles

May 2010
Best Dentist Ever. Best Dental Team Ever.

thank you so much for everything you have done for me

Ashley Anderson
Los Angeles

March 2010

Everybody’s so friendly. What I love about your office is that I trust you guys because the work that’s been done has helped restore my self-esteem when I talk to others. I feel Dr. Stan and his staff are really competent. I’ve never felt that way when going to a regular dentist. He gave me hope, and followed through with the job – awesome!

Fran Brodie

Los Angeles
I have had dental work done here in Los Angeles and in other cities as I have moved interstate regularly for my work. Every time I went in, it hurt. Then I met Dr. Stan. He assured me that it wouldn’t hurt, and, at first I was very nervous. But he was right! It was completely painless. I feel very grateful now, because I am not afraid to see the dentist anymore.
Bruce Jesson

Orange County
My new smile is so amazing! I feel so confident about my new smile and the confidence goes even deeper. I feel beautiful inside and out! Every time I walk past a mirror I smile ear to ear! The compliments I receive are too many too count. It makes you feel very good inside when an outsider recognized your teeth! The staff @ Dr Joseph Stans Bedford office are fantastic! Special thanks to Cynthia and Alenor. Dr. Stan is a perfectionist and that is what makes him so talented! He loves what he does and truly cares about his clients. I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone. Please use me as a reference.
Margaret Michales



Since I was a teenager (many years ago), I wouldn’t show my teeth when I smiled. My teeth were crooked and yellow. I envied other people who had nice, straight, white teeth. Now I love to show my teeth when I smile. Just last week my hairdresser commented how nice my teeth were looking. I can’t thank Dr Stan (and my daughter for introducing me to him) enough. This has changed my life.
Jackie Sprint

Beverly Hills


February 2010 

A few weeks ago I couldnt smile for fear of my my broken and missing teeth showing. People thought I was grumpy and angry because not smiling became such a huge part of my life. In addition, I avoided going to a dentist out of both general fear and embarrassment over my neglect of my teeth. Needless to say, smiling is no longer a problem, as you did the most incredible job of rehabilitating my mouth with my implants and crowns. And it was all relatively painlessly I must add. However, more importantly, you and your staff always made me feel comfortable and thanks to you, you have restored my ability to smile which I now dont stop doing. Thank you Dr Stan, I owe my happiness to you. You have a patient for life!
Lori S
Brentwood CA

I came to Dr Stan on recommendation from my Agent, for porcelain veneers because I was told he was the best. My smile is important as I am involved in the Film Industry. While in his chair, I felt that he was very sensitive to what I was feeling and I experienced no discomfort. As for the final product, he has given me a remarkable smile that my fans love.
Beverly Hills CA
….I’ve gone through 2 dentists since I’ve moved away from Los Angeles. You are the best Dentist I have ever been to and none of the dentists I now see can compare to you. Like I’ve always agreed …”You are the Rolls Royce of Dentists….” In fact, both dental practitioners commented on the perfection of the work you did for me. Thank you so much Dr Stan. I cannot wait to come back to LA just to come and see you.
Danny M
San Diego CA
January 2010

Dear Dr Stan,
I came to you with that much silver in my mouth that we laughed there was enough to fill up a few mines. Now it’s all gone and I can’t tell you how pleased I am. It feels wonderful and looks great. It’s been 25 years since my mouth has been in such good shape.
As I have in the past, I will continue to highly recommend your office to my friends and acquaintances. Sincerely,
Mark S.
Beverly Hills, CA