Same Day Dental Implants

Otherwise known as Immediate Loading, Dr Stan specializes in this type of dental implant procedure.

This highly specialized technique allows certain types of patients to have their teeth removed and implants placed, along with the prosthesis or prostheses, in the same day.   
The most noticeable part of Dr Stan’s unique procedures is that he can facilitate the whole process to be completed in just one visit. Immediate dental implants, such as those developed by  Nobel Biocare who are our Dental Implant Partner, are constructed to seat themselves in the bone right away without waiting for the bone to heal around them.  Dr Stans procedures use technology that attaches the crown to the titanium implant root on the day of insertion and bite loads may be applied to the replacement tooth almost immediately. 20100207005352547
Eliminating the months-long waiting period while the bone fuses to the implant  has many obvious benefits for you being both functional and aesthetic.
Providing immediate implant loading requires a great deal of expertise and experience, as well as advanced knowledge of implant dentistry and significant surgical and prosthodontic skills.  Dr Stan is one of the few dental implant specialists who is able to provide Immediate Loading procedures to patients who are good candidates for this type of procedure.

Call our office today to asses if you are a candidate for Immediate Loading.