Removing And Replacing Old Metal Fillings

When a new cavity needs filling, the vast majority of our patients are now choosing tooth-colored composite fillings. These fillings have a natural look that is a great improvement over old silver-colored fillings. In fact, composite fillings are such an improvement; many of our patients also opt to have their old metal amalgam fillings replaced with these new composite fillings.
It is now possible to enhance your entire cosmetic appearance simply by ridding your mouth of unsightly silver-colored fillings and replacing them with tooth-colored composite fillings. This simple procedure is an easy way to make a big difference in your smile and boost your confidence. The picture below shows the aesthetic improvement that composite fillings can bring to your teeth. The picture on the left shows the old metal fillings, which are unsightly and cover most of the surface of the teeth. The picture on the right shows the newer composite fillings, which match the color and texture of natural teeth and are almost invisible.


metalimage1   metalimage2

hite fillings, also known as composite fillings, are made of synthetic resins that can be custom mixed for desired properties of color, strength, and flow ability. Composite fillings can be used to restore decayed teeth and repair tooth defects, as well as provide a healthier treatment option than traditional silver amalgam fillings, which can cause allergic reactions in some patients.

Composite white fillings can be used on front or back teeth, but are most useful in highly visible areas due to their enhanced cosmetic appearance. Composite fillings do not corrode or stain, unlike the old metal fillings. They are also non-conductive, and have a reduced chance of causing allergic reactions than amalgam fillings. Composite fillings in small to medium cavities can last up to ten years, which is comparable to silver fillings.

Tooth-colored composite fillings are also a safer, stronger, more attractive, and more enduring alternative to metal and when combined with air abrasion drill-free dentistry, Dr. Stan can provide you with a quick and pain free treatment to replace your old metal fillings.

Here is a summary of the main reasons to replace your old metal fillings with new, natural looking composite fillings:

    •    Composite fillings can be matched to the color of the tooth, and thus  blend into the surrounding tooth structure
    •    Amalgam (silver) fillings can corrode and leave unsightly stains
    •    Composite fillings are especially suited for small cavities

So if you are interested in whiter, more natural looking teeth, replacing your old amalgam fillings with composite fillings may be right for you.

Contact Dr. Stan to find out more about safely swapping your old mercury fillings for new white metal-free fillings.