Porcelain Crowns

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We use only the finest in porcelain crowns from da Vinci to ensure the most natural and permanent results.

Our talented team is proud to offer a natural-looking alternative: All-ceramic, non-metal crowns! With these newer restorations that we provide, you will notice a much more natural appearance that mimics your natural teeth and does not produce the black gum line that is so common with porcelain-metal crowns. Another advantage to porcelain crowns is that they are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Porcelain crowns are a proven technology that have been used by dentists for years to lighten teeth, reduce tooth crowding, narrow gaps in teeth, and improve the aesthetic appeal of teeth. These porcelain crowns have been improved to the point where they no longer require any metal in their construction, which give them a clean, natural appearance without sacrificing structural integrity.

The natural look of these porcelain crowns is due to their tooth matching color and translucency. Their all-ceramic construction means that receding gum lines will not reveal an ugly grey or black line that is common in crowns that contain metal. This means that no one will even be able to tell that you have crowns at all!

The process of fitting porcelain crowns is safe, simple, and proven. The process involves first shaving a thin layer off the existing tooth. Then a mold of the tooth is taken to ensure a perfect fit. At a later appointment, the custom molded crowns are then adhered to the teeth with a bonding agent. After the bonding process is complete, the patient can eat as they normally would, and can enjoy their new, whiter, natural looking teeth!

So if you are looking for beautiful teeth with a natural look that gives you confidence and the best smile you can have, porcelain crowns are the solution for you.

Call us today to arrange a free consultation for a Smile Makeover and let us show you how unforgettable your smile should be.