FAQ’s – General Dentistry   

My gum bleeds when I brush my teeth. Should I be worried?

Being worried will not stop the bleeding, but you should schedule an appointment with your hygienist, as you might need a cleaning. It might also be wise to see your dentist as gum bleed could also be a symptom of gingivitis or periodontal disease.


Are electric toothbrushes better than the manual?

It would depend on what kind of a “brusher” you are. If you’re following a good oral hygiene and see you hygienist regularly, a manual toothbrush should suffice. If you think that you oral hygiene needs improvement, then upgrading to a rotating electric toothbrush might be a good idea.


One area of my mouth is very sensitive to hot and cold. What could it be?

It could be decay or cavity. Or it could be a gum issue. Schedule an appointment with your dentist at your earliest convenience.


I often wake up with pain in my jaw, sometimes associated with a headache. Could it be a dental problem?

You might be grinding or clenching your teeth while asleep. Your general dentist might prescribe a nightguard therapy for the treatment of possible TMJ.

I’m very sensitive to cold where my teeth and gum meets. What is it?
You might be grinding or clenching your teeth while asleep. Your dentist might prescribe a nightguard therapy for the treatment of possible TMJ.


What is a canker sore?

They are small sores that form in the inside of the mouth. They’re usually uncomfortable but can even be painful while talking or eating.. They’re not contagious and often go away within 10 days.


I feel sensitivity when I eat sugary food.

It could be a cavity, decay, a problem with a previous filling…don’t wait too long before seeing your dentist as you certainly don’t want sensitivity to become pain.

Is oral hygiene really important during pregnancy?

A good oral hygiene is important for everybody, but it becomes crucial to the expecting mother as the hormonal level increases and potentially increases the risk of dental problems.


Why does my crown have a black or dark line along my gum?

Often, this is due to the shadow created by the metal at the margin of a porcelain crown. The metal is often used for strength and reinforcement for the overlying porcelain. There is a way around this problem. Your dentist should instruct the lab to fabricate either an all-porcelain crown or a metal and porcelain crown with an ALL porcelain edge (margin) to create a more natural cosmetic appearance. At our office, it is very rare for us to make crowns with metal margins and therefore we never have black lines along the gum line of our crowns.

I am afraid of going to the dentist. Can you do anything to help me feel better?

Seeing your dentist does not have to be painful or scary! Local anesthetic is used to numb the mouth for minor procedures. Nitrous Oxide and IV sedation are also available for our patients seeking a relaxed, comfortable dental experience. You can also count on our staff to be up to date with the latest techniques through their dental continuing education.


Our office also offers cable television on ceiling mounted TVs as well as soothing music. Our patients find security and comfort in our skilled and caring hands.