An Integrated Approach
Dr. Stan is a unique dentist because he takes an integrated approach to your  dental needs. He looks at the restorative factors of dentistry as well as the aesthetic. The result is a unique combination of art through dentistry and a healthy and beautiful smile. 

Dr. Stan is a firm believer that your smile and teeth are not just about how they look, the integrity and health of your teeth and mouth can have a powerful impact on your overall health because many of the diseases can begin in the mouth. With this overall health philosophy in mind, Dr Stan always takes both a practical and structured approach to finding the right dental solution for your needs not matter what you require. Rest assured that your appearance, and your dental health are both taken into consideration.
Using the latest dental technology, Dr. Stan is able to ensure that your particular case planning, patient communication and treatment management are carried out practically and efficiently, and accurately. This facilitates reduced treatment times, often same day procedures and less time spent in the chair. His expertise is your opportunity to get the dental care you need in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Although Dr. Stan is trained and licensed to do all forms of restorative dentistry, like any general dentist, Dr. Stan focuses on  highly specialized Aesthetic (Cosmetic) and  Dental Implant Procedures. He’s studied with world renowned aesthetic surgeons and institutions to further his training to provide his patients with the utmost in skill and knowledge. Dr. Stan also believes in using state of the art dental technology.
If you are nervous about dental procedures and have felt reticent to have cosmetic dental procedures done because of a negative experience in the past or just because you have an irrational fear of the dentist Dr. Stan provides sedation dentistry for the most comfortable and positive dental experience. Dr. Stan was one of the first dentists to offer IV sedation and oral sedation dentistry (1994). 

Dr. Stan truly is a master of his craft and invites you to come in for a consultation to see for yourself.